You totally want to get mad at it for taking your stuff, but look how cute it is!

There’s that age-old saying that whatever you own, your cat owns too. No matter the counter, table, plastic bag, or drawer, your cat will make that object a part of their sitting routine. They’ll look like a professional doing it too.

▼ “You wanna go for a ride?”

This adorable little kitty has taken up residence in this helmet, and we can’t stop ourselves from dreaming up all the crazy situations the cat would get itself into, but be totally prepared for. Going for a ride around town on a catcycle? Safety first! Kicking back to watch a movie in their new rocking chair? Enter relaxation mode! Ready to challenge all comers as the next Speed Racer? Fasten your seatbelts! Take down evil Shredder as the newest member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Cats? Cowabunga! But mostly, we can’t get over how this cat looks ready to shoo away anyone who tries to take their seat. 

▼ “Mine!”


We hope that this cat was slender enough that it didn’t get its behind stuck in the helmet, because that would just be embarrassing for everyone. We can picture it now: awkward turtle, meet awkward cat. Luckily cats are considered to be on the agile end of the animal kingdom, so the only awkwardness that will take place here is when the owner needs to reclaim his helmet and realizes their pet just came out of the litter box and hasn’t had a chance to clean itself yet.

Featured image: Twitter/@PutiMotor