Preorders now open for Samurai Teddy Bears made by classic German toy maker Steiff

Super snazzy samurai armor-wearing teddy bears will be ready for your next Children’s Day display!

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Samurai Bottle Helmets are here to fiercely and elegantly adorn your bottles of booze

These sleek ornaments are perfect for a history buff interested in legendary warriors of the Sengoku period of Japanese history.

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Cat finds perfect seat that is equal parts comfortable and badass

You totally want to get mad at it for taking your stuff, but look how cute it is!

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Bicycle helmet law enforced in Ehime, failure to comply is punishable by… we don’t know

Westerners who come to Japan may be taken aback by the sheer numbers of bicycles in use in cities. Equally impressive is the degree to which people load their bicycles with shopping bags, children, boyfriends, and/or garbage bags full of aluminum cans for recycling. And yet, with all this, it’s a rare sight to see anyone besides tiny kids wearing a helmet.

Ehime Prefecture, known for its scenic bike paths and wide use of bicycles for commuting, is hoping to change that by enacting a law instructing cyclists of all ages to wear a helmet, or else.

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Can You Spot the Hidden Mickeys in this Traditional Japanese Helmet?

It’s well known that within every Disney Park, small Mickeys are hidden throughout the grounds. If you look close enough, Mickey Mouse seems to be everywhere; on buildings, carpets, and even the vehicle speakers on Space Mountain.

But you would never expect Mickey to be hidden on a helmet used by ancient Japanese warriors and samurai. You also wouldn’t expect it to be made of silver and cost a staggering 250,000 yen (US $2,697).

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