New Japanese video game lets you compete in an international toilet racing circuit

And all from the comfort of your own toilet if you have a laptop.

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Jaw-droppingly futuristic omnimeter transforms normal cars into space-age racers

Like automotive magpies, we fall in love with something shiny. Now just to find a(nother) car to put it in.

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Popular racing game developer Genki begins countdown, fans’ expectations build

Is a new release of Tokyo Xtreme Racer on its way?

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Cat finds perfect seat that is equal parts comfortable and badass

You totally want to get mad at it for taking your stuff, but look how cute it is!

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Idiot Japanese drivers remind us life is not Initial D, no matter how loud your Eurobeat is 【Vid】

”Night of Fire?” More like crash of morons.

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Krispy Kreme Japan adds cute anime-style horse doughnut to their range at one store only

There’s just one store in the world that sells these and they’re available for eight days only.

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Luigi hits the streets on a longboard, tries to best Mario again【Video】

Anyone who has spent a lengthy session playing Mario Kart will know what it’s like to start imagining elements of the game in their daily lives. Any time you’re controlling something with four wheels, you almost wish you had some in-game items to make the drive a little easier. Driving around and some jerk cuts you off? Red shell! Some idiot driving two feet from your rear end because he wants to go faster? Banana peel! Stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic and about to be late for work? Boom, Starman!

For this longboarder, he might not need special items to clear his way, but he certainly imagines his cruising life like a Mario Kart game as he battles his brother for speed supremacy.

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Japanese racer takes million dollar Ferrari on camping trip, fries eggs on it

There’s just something about young men ostentatiously showing off their expensive wheels that gets to us. And then some of them have to go that extra mile and start doing things like frying eggs on their million dollar cars, just because they can.

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Nintendo’s Mercedes-Benz for Mario Kart 8 is actually kind of depressing

Nintendo’s business is in dire straights, and has been for three consecutive years. Perhaps that’s why the company let Mercedes-Benz sponsor three new cars into its cartoonish racing game for the Wii U, in the form of a free downloadable content (DLC) package set to release at the end of the month.

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Honda recreates legendary F1 lap with light and sound in awesome video

Some of our readers may be too young to remember, but in his heyday, Ayrton Senna was the biggest thing in racing. The Brazilian racer took home the F1 driver’s championship in 1988, 1990, and 1991 before his life was cut short when his car collided with a retaining wall at over 230 kilometers (143) miles per hour during the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix.

Japanese motorsport fans have a particular fondness for Senna. Aside from having some of his most memorable races at Japan’s Suzuka Circuit, Senna won all three of his championships in cars powered by Honda engines, and was also involved in the production of the company’s flagship NSX sports car.

Using telemetric data Honda has recreated Senna’s record-breaking 1989 lap of Suzuka in light and sound as part of an incredible video posted on the company’s website.

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Extreme Drifting in Modified Kei Car, Even Better English Subtitles 【Video】

Kei Cars are a Japanese category of vehicles that are too weak to be considered actual cars, but too powerful to be considered go-carts. They are distinguished by their cool yellow license plates (as opposed to a white one for cars with regular-sized engines and larger dimensions) and are loved by those looking for a cheap mode of transportation. Thanks to some clever modifications by extreme driving enthusiasts in Japan, what used to be a measly 660cc engine putt-putt car has been transformed into a lean, mean, drifting machine.

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Start Your S² Engines! Team Evangelion Racing Has Sleek Paint Jobs and Sexy Plugsuit Cosplay

Right up there with the NERV Android Phone, Team Evangelion Racing has to be one of the more badass Evangelion crossovers we’ve seen. It’s got sleek cars decked out in Eva colors, a team of race queens cosplaying in sexy plugsuit-inspired outfits, and an exclusive lineup of Eva racing apparel for you to throw your money at—what more could a fan ask for!

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