Cool trick lets you swap posters in seconds, won’t damage the walls of your home or the beautiful anime art.

One of the unique things about being an anime fan is that your hobby tends to have a big effect on your interior decorations. Whether it’s anime figures, plushies, or posters, just about every hard-core fan has a bit of anime-related artwork on display in his or her home.

But while you can simply line figures up on a shelf or plop plushies down on the sofa, posters present a special problem. They need to be hung in order to be appreciated, but that means one of two things. You could use a pin, but do you really want to pierce the poster’s art? Even if you use the pinhead to hold the corner of the poster in place without making a hole in the paper, you’re still putting a hole in the wall behind it. Alternatively, you can use tape, which will spare the wall, but should you ever need to take the poster down and reposition it, odds are you’re going to rip the paper when you try to take the tape off.

But anime fan and Japanese Twitter user @krsm_ttt has an ingenious idea that doesn’t require you to put a hole in anything or attach adhesives of any kind to your posters.

First, take a paper clip, or any other small metal item. Next, use a short length of masking tape to tape the clip to the wall. Once you’ve got four clips in place, place the poster against the wall, with one corner on top of each clip, and put magnets on top of the paper. The magnetic pull will cause the magnets and clips to stick to one another, firmly gripping your poster in between them.

Online commenters were impressed by the simple solution to their poster-hanging woes, and responded with:

“What a great idea.!”
“Thank you so much. Going to go try this right now.”
“I felt so bad for my poster when I stuck a pin through it that I kept telling it ‘I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.’”
“Can’t hit that like button enough times to truly show how great this is.”

The only potential drawback that was brought up is that the coils of the paper clips could cause slight creasing in the paper due to their irregular shape. But even if that’s a concern, any small metal object should do the trick, making @krsm_ttt’s idea a great way to cover your walls with anime art without filling them with holes.

Source: Jin, Twitter/@krsm_ttt

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