Even bears can’t get any privacy these days.

It’s no surprise that Google Street View is full of surprises from around the world – from Sumo greetings to flocks of pigeon people. But now it seems that the service has gotten into nature-documenting as well, with this shot of a bear dining on some fish.

The 360-degree panoramic view can be found in Kurile Lake (also known as Kurilkoye Lake) located on the southern tip of the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia. It is a crater lake; the result of a massive eruption tens of thousands of years ago, but more currently it is known for its huge population of sockeye salmon, which can be easily seen by tilting the image downward.

And as nature dictates, where there are salmon, there often are bears trying to catch them. Not only the one big boy standing front and center, but several other bears can be seen running around on the shore trying to catch dinner.

This 360-degree shot was also not your typical Google Street View team shot. It was actually taken by AirPano, a Russian non-profit photographic association who take aerial 360-degree pictures and video of some of the most famous places from around the world. Their Victoria Falls videos are especially breathtaking.

There’s plenty of eye candy to be had over at AirPano but be sure to keep your eyes peeled on Google Maps too, because you never know what other treats wait in store, like bathing monkeys and security guard dogs taking a pee on the job.

Source: AirPano, Google Street View (English) via Hamusoku (Japanese)
Top Image: Google Street View
Insert images: Google Street View