The McDonald’s Hokkaido Salmon Burger is a sell-out hit…outside of Japan【Taste test】

Join us as we track down the elusive burger to find out if it’s worth the hype.

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Mr. Sato tries out Kappa Sushi’s salmon salad mountain, a fun dish available for only one week

Will the conveyor belt sushi chain’s recent playful menu item be as much fun to eat as it is to look at?

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Cases of people getting unwanted crabs skyrocketing in Japan, salmon too

People reminded to just say “no” to crabs at their doorstep.

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Which Japanese conveyor belt sushi chain has the best aburi salmon sushi?【Taste test】

Seared fish go head-to-head at Japan’s top sushi chains.

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Which Japanese conveyor belt sushi chain has the best salmon sushi?【Taste test】

Salmon is one of Japan’s most popular sushi options, but which kaitenzushi restaurant does it best?

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Which Japanese conveyor belt sushi chain has the best ikura sushi?【Taste test】

We go round Japan’s top kaitenzushi chains to find the best place to go for salmon roe.

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We make a super giant sushi using Costco salmon in Japan【SoraKitchen】

Jiro dreams of sushi, but we dream of GIANT sushi. 

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Come on, Costco! Sell your Japan-exclusive kabayaki marinade salmon in the U.S. too!

Costco Japan adapts a traditional unagi recipe to salmon, and it should let the U.S. market taste it too.

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Fish recycling program begins at conveyor-belt sushi chain Kurazushi

New project makes the popular chain the first of its kind to utilize 100 percent of the fish they acquire.

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Sushi soup? We try Japan’s latest easy-to-make, so-crazy-it-might-work meal【Taste test】

Our taste-tester Meg finds out if sushi soup is a guilty pleasure, or an unforgivable sin.

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Brand-new salmon sashimi bowl joint in Tokyo’s Harajuku is perfect for hungry fashion fans, bears

Restaurants that specialize in salmon sashimi are few and far between in Japan, but now there’s one right in the center of Tokyo.

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Japanese people list their top ten fish, and tuna isn’t number one

Land of the Rising Salmon, as survey respondents choose their favourite fish.

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Japanese diners pick their eight favorite types of sushi, create mouthwatering dinner blueprint

Japan loves salmon sushi, but there’s one thing these survey respondents like even more.

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Google Street View catches Russian bear in the middle of snacking on a salmon

Even bears can’t get any privacy these days.

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Kentucky Fried Chicken becomes Kentucky Fried Salmon with Japan-only seasonal specials

Every season brings with it a different set of delicious food offerings, and no country seems to take advantage of that fact more than Japan, where supermarkets aisles are always adorned with special seasonal displays in order to entice shoppers and capitalize on the time of year. For those of us who live in areas where you can buy pretty much any food item at any time, you might find the idea of seasonal products to be a bit strange, but restaurants all over Japan take advantage of the seasons to lure in customers.

This fall, KFC in Japan is trying something a little bit different. If the idea of fried Hokkaido salmon has you salivating, you might want to head down to KFC to see what the Colonel has to offer.

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All You Can Eat salmon for 999 yen at IKEA’s Salmon Festival!

Fans of the famously delicious fish salmon in Japan should grab your bibs because the Salmon Festival is rolling into IKEA stores all over the country. On this joyous occasion we may dine on 16 different kinds of salmon dishes.

Of course it wouldn’t be a festival if it weren’t all-you-can-eat as well, so IKEA is making that happen for the attractive price of only 999 yen (US$8.30) for a limited time.

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Japanese ad’s swimming salmon cutlets confuse, educate children about dinner comes from【Video】

In Japan, not only is sliced salmon a dinnertime staple, but it’s a cute mascot and candy too. And salmon also has one other crazy property that sets it apart from all other fish: it can still swim around even after it’s been sliced into cutlets. Apparently…

But while all of us adults know that’s not possible, some kids might not, and one Japanese television show decided to do an experiment to see how kids would react to swimming cuts of cooked salmon. Do the kids know where the fish on their plate actually comes from? Watch the video to find out!

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Salmon-flavored Puccho candy – disgusting or delightful? 【Taste test】

Japan is well-known for its creative flavors when it comes to soda, snacks, and candy. Some are epically delicious. Others not so much. And this latest collaboration between Japanese candy company UHA and Hello Kitty’s Sanrio probably falls into the latter camp.

For those unaware, Sanrio has a wide variety of characters other than Hello Kitty, including KIRIMI-chan, a cute slice of sassy salted salmon. We’re not sure why an anthropomorphic fish fillet was chosen to be made into a UHA Puccho flavor, but it’s already happened so there’s nothing we can do but try it!

To see if this flavor is tasty or trash, we assigned our own brave RocketNews24 reporter P.K. Sanjun to try a few pieces for posterity. Does he savor the salty salmon goodness or does he spit it out? Read on to find out!

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Super Mega Important Debate: Tuna or salmon sushi? 【Poll now closed】

It’s finally the weekend, so what better way to squander our precious time off than by arguing over things that don’t really matter?

This week we’re asking: Which is better? Salmon sushi or tuna sushi?

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Japan’s Top Five Favorite Sushi Toppings

Sushi is a classic Japanese food that has become popular all over the world. However, sushi served in restaurants outside of Japan can turn out a little strange. Sushi hybrid concoctions such as the California roll filled with avocado and crab, and the caterpillar roll, topped with avocado and made to resemble a live caterpillar, have been delighting foreign taste buds for years. But exactly what kind of sushi do the Japanese prefer? A survey asked 500 MyNavi News members (246 males, 254 females) to share their favorite sushi topping. Surprisingly, tuna is not the most popular.

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