Not quite walking like an Egyptian, but we’ll take it!

Taking a trip to a foreign country can be like exploring a whole new world – the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes are all something unpredictable and unexpected. Whether your destination is on the same continent or on the other side of the world, the trip is bound to be full of adventure.

For the mother of Twitter-user @otapo_, her travels took her to the arid deserts of Egypt, a far cry from Japan’s green and mostly-mountainous landscape. During her trip, his mother took some photos, as tourists are apt to do, including some of herself in front of famous landmarks and spectacular views. A few of these photos, she messaged to son, perhaps to show him just how much fun his mother was having without him.

But what fun would any old photo in front of the Nile or the Pyramids be, without adorning oneself in a zip-up Pharaoh hoodie? Well that’s just what Mama did.

“My mom sent me these photos on LINE of her trip in Egypt. She’s having too much fun,” @otapo_ wrote in his tweet on January 6, and shared these photos of his mother livin’ it up in style.



▼ Must be feeling right at home!


The hoodie, which zips all the way up the hood and creates a mask with eye-holes so the wearer can fully immerse themselves in golden Pharaoh glory, was apparently given to her by a friend, and can be found at discount megastore chain Don Quijote, although likely only during the Halloween season.

▼ @otapo_ updated on January 8 to say that his mother had safely returned from her trip, and when he asked about her unusual poses, she replied, “Well, when faced with the camera it seemed weird to just stand at attention.”

Thank you @otapo_ and Mother for these fun photos, and we hope to see more silly times from future travels! Although for those who are curious, you don’t need to travel to Egypt to romance an ancient god, you can do it from your phone.

Source: Twitter/@otapo_ via Curazy 
Images: Twitter/@otapo_