The dating simulator scene is getting weirder and weirder, so it’s hard to be surprised by anything they come up with these days. Humans are already old news and we’re now used to romancing all manner of strange creatures. Even so, this mobile game for girls caught my eye with its unique character designs and by promising love with powerful ancient Egyptian deities.

EjiKoi!, an upcoming mobile game from Goodia, Inc. will let you romance a selection of Egyptian gods who are, for some reason, attending high school in modern day Japan. The title is short for Ejiputo Kami to Koi Shiyo, or Fall in Love with an Egyptian God, which explains most of what we know about the game so far. While the setting is a typical school one, the characters in this surreal love comedy are far from ordinary.

As with most otome games, which are aimed at women, there is a female protagonist for the player to identify with and several male love interests to pursue. The protagonist and three main love interests have been revealed on the game’s official Twitter account.


The protagonist is a big-hearted girl with such a terrible sense of direction that she can even get herself lost on the school grounds. She’s a second year student and member of the horticultural club who’s had an uneventful school life so far. She dislikes exercising and likes crepes.


Horus is the name for ancient Egypt’s god of the sky and kingship. He’s a new transfer student in the same year as the protagonist, and was actually childhood friends with her. There’s a rumor that when night falls something about him changes. He lives with his father who runs a small restaurant and seems to have some doubts about taking over the family business.


Anubis is the name of a god associated with mummification and the afterlife. He’s a member of the track and field club and head of the school disciplinary committee where he becomes friends with the protagonist. Fastidious but also a little strange, he’s interested in becoming a doctor and is the class first aider. He hates onion and likes sausage.


Medjed is a mysterious entity mentioned in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. He’s the protagonist’s enigmatic senpai who has a habit of popping up unexpectedly, and with his expressionless form there’s no way to tell what he’s thinking. He’s introduced to the protagonist by Osiris and hates things that hurt Osiris, but likes “hearts” (as in the organ, which sounds a bit ominous).


The game is due to be released towards the end of December for iOS and Android, so keep an eye out on the iOS and Google Play stores. What kind of romantic storyline could you, a mere mortal, share with these ancient gods?!

Source: Nijimen
Images: @ejikoi_official on Twitter