Japanese mother travels to Egypt, strikes silly poses in masked Pharaoh hoodie

Not quite walking like an Egyptian, but we’ll take it!

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Romance an ancient Egyptian god in the newest bizarre dating sim for mobile

The dating simulator scene is getting weirder and weirder, so it’s hard to be surprised by anything they come up with these days. Humans are already old news and we’re now used to romancing all manner of strange creatures. Even so, this mobile game for girls caught my eye with its unique character designs and by promising love with powerful ancient Egyptian deities.

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This table tennis player shows that “nothing is impossible” 【Video】

Have you ever given up on something you wish you’d persisted with? We’ve all quit something at one point or another in our lives and there are many reasons for giving up. It sounds great to be able to play an instrument effortlessly, master a sport or become fluent in multiple languages, but once the reality of just how much work goes into a skill sinks in, it can often feel impossible.

Meet Ibrahim Hamada of Egypt, a table tennis enthusiast who says, “Nothing is impossible as long as you work hard.” That may sound like the kind of thing that can only be said by the exceptionally naive, but that is not the case here. He was involved in a train accident when he was 10 years old, and he lost most of his arms as a result. At 13, he was determined to find a way to play again.

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Japan Loans Egypt $395 Million to Build Metro Line to Pyramids

On March 20, Japan signed a deal with Egypt agreeing to finance the development of a new metro rapid transit line from Cairo to the Pyramids of Giza with a loan of 33 billion yen ($395 million).

So the next time you’re on vacation in Egypt marveling at how convenient public transportation access is to the Pyramids, remember that you have Japan to thank.

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