And now she knows why she should cover her mouth, too.

Before that fateful day when the clouds parted and God said “Casey, go work for RocketNews24,” I spent roughly a decade in an industry where employees aren’t ever really allowed to take sick days. As such, people not covering their mouths then they sneeze, and thus spreading their germs all over, is a huge pet peeve of mine.

Every time I see someone let loose with a mouthful of spittle and mucus, I can’t help but be disappointed in their parents for not raising them with better manners. Covering your mouth is the courteous and hygienic thing to do, and it’s a habit that should be instilled in children at a very young age. Not just for the benefit of others, but, as shown in this video by Japanese Twitter user @okoge0801, for this child’s own safety as well.

@okoge0801’s young daughter who looks to be preschool-aged, was standing in front of a full-length mirror when she felt a sniffle coming on. As it progressed into a sneeze, she kept her eyes steadily on her reflection, and made no move to bring a hand, arm, or any other blocking body part up to her mouth. So when the full-force sneeze came, its liquid elements went flying all over, as expected. What wasn’t expected, though, was that the particulate blowback and physical exertion of the sneeze also sent the tyke tumbling to the floor.

“My daughter blew herself down with her own sneeze. Too cute LOL,” tweeted the amused parent. Thankfully, the kid wasn’t hurt, and over 95,000 retweets later @okoge0801 followed up by tweeting “I’m happy that so many people are getting a smile out of this.” Even with my hang-ups about uncovered sneezes, I’ve got to admit I got a good chuckle too, but I hope someone gets that kid some tissues, and maybe some kneepads too.

Source: IT Media, Twitter/@okoge0801