Over the past few days, this photo has become an instant Twitter favorite. But what exactly is going on with this cat? It appears he’s got some grass stuck up his nose.

Can you guess why? We’ve got the answer after the jump.

This handsome kitty belongs to Tamao, a doll maker and cat lover who resides in Hiroshima Prefecture. While her furry buddy was chowing down on some cat grass, he suddenly got the urge to sneeze, resulting in the cat version of milk coming out of your nose.

▼ “The story behind this shocking cat picture!!!! Like I was telling you about yesterday, here’s a picture of my cat after he sneezed while eating cat grass and it came out of his nose. Of course, right after this I removed the grass.”

Despite his adorable but unfortunate accident he seems otherwise fine, except for that unimpressed look on his face.

Luckily the offending blades of grass were quickly removed by the owner. Grass blades stuck inside a cat’s nose or throat, if not immediately taken care of, can cause inflammation or infection, which is no laughing matter. If you’ve got a fur ball at home, be careful when giving him or her cat grass.

As for Tamao’s kitty, after his lovable mug went viral on Twitter, he joined the ranks of other overnight internet cat celebrities. Japanese netizens can’t help but love his grass ‘stache.

Source: Twitter/@tamaodoll via Wadai no Gazou ga Wakaru Site
Top image: Twitter/@tamaodoll