American website’s number-crunching puts Makoto Shinkai’s hit ahead of anything from Studio Ghibli.

Nearly five months after its Japanese release, anime film Your Name is still going strong. As a matter of fact, there are still enough people heading to theaters to see director Makoto Shinkai’s animated spectacle that it’s almost certain to pass up Frozen in its Japanese box office total, at which point it’ll have earned more than any Disney movie ever has in the country.

However, Your Name really doesn’t have much chance of passing up Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away in Japanese earnings. Hayao Miyazaki’s only Oscar-winner raked in 30.4 billion yen (US$580 million) during its Japanese theatrical run, giving it a lead of some seven billion yen over Shinkai’s film.

But while Your Name may not become the highest-earning anime in Japan, it might be the highest-earning anime ever worldwide. U.S.-based website The Numbers currently lists Your Name’s worldwide box office total at US$331,600,000. Meanwhile, the site’s worldwide tally for Spirited Away is the far lower US$274,949,886. The reason for the gap, ostensibly, would be the warm welcome Your Name has been receiving even outside of Japan, with fans making it a hit in countries such as China and South Korea.

US$331,600,000 also puts Your Name at 70th on The Numbers’ list of all time highest-grossing animated movies worldwide, 12 spots ahead of Spirited Away and with no Japanese animated films above it.

Now, before Your Namefans break out the celebratory sake, it’s worth noting that The Numbers is so far the only outlet putting forth the US$331,600,000 figure for Your Name. Given Japanese media companies’ penchant for touting overseas recognition of their intellectual properties, it’s surprising that the distributors for Shinkai’s film aren’t already trumpeting this supposed achievement, but should The Numbers’ data prove true, it’ll definitely be an impressive accomplishment for Your Name.

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