No really, what’s your name? Because you don’t look anything like Taki or Mitsuha.

There are many ways in which director Makoto Shinkai’s anime Your Name can be called a hit. It’s become the highest worldwide-grossing Japanese animated film of all time, and has amassed one of the highest Japanese box office tallies of any movie ever released in the country.

But as we all know, the truest hallmark of success is shoddily made knockoff merchandise, which is another “honor” that Your Name can  now claim.

A user of social media platform Weibo, who goes by the screen name iron涛-savior, recently posted a photo of a pair of Chinese-made anime figures. The style and coloring of their outfits is an exact match for Taki and Mitsuha, the body-swapping couple at the center of Your Name’s story. The figures are even striking poses similar to the ones Taki and Mitsuha do in one of the famous piece of Your Name promotional artwork seen above.

But while their clothing and body language look like Your Name’s stars, their faces are another story.

Your Name is a movie very near and dear to the heart of our Japanese-language reporter Seiji (since he saw it on one of the only dates he’s been on in the last several years). So what’s his take on these figures? “There isn’t even the slightest feeling of life in Taki’s half-open mouth and half-closed eyes,” Seiji said. “And the painting…some of his bangs are the same color as his skin.”

His feelings are pretty much the same about the Mitsuha figure. As a matter of fact, the build and paint quality is so bad that the longer we look at them, the more they just start to look like a pair of fans doing some lazy Your Name cosplay.

Still, they’re not the most appalling anime figure image we’ve seen this week, so at least they’ve got that going for them.

Source: Weibo/iron涛-savior
Top image: Your Name official website
Insert image: Weibo/iron涛-savior
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