It’s a polar-izing music video we can’t bear to look away from.

Japan has a surprisingly large amount of character bears. There’s the lazy Rilakkuma, the ever-popular Kumamon, and even Duffy the Disney bear, whose popularity is rivaled only by Mickey Mouse at Disney Japan.

But now it may be time to add another set of bears to that list: the pair of bears animated by Japanese Twitter user @takadabear who refers to them as ketatamashiku ugoku kuma (“wildly moving bears”). Watch the video here:

“I added some music.”
(The bass gets “slapped” at 0:30)

I… I’m honestly not quite sure what I just watched, but hey, over 60,000 retweeters can’t be wrong! Although there is definitely something hypnotic about that butt-rubbing transforming into all-out butt-slapping.

Here’s some responses from Japanese Twitter:

“I edited it to look like the commercial for an album.”

“That was worth waiting the 30 seconds for.”

▼ And for those interested in recreating the scene for themselves,
the song is “Energy Drink” by Virtual Riot.

@takadabear also made a sequel to the video where the rubbed and spanked bear gets noogied, and then gets the sweetest thing of all… revenge.

@takadabear has also created several other short animations of the bears, though they don’t contain the same spankingly-good beats:

▼ There’s a bear saying samui ne (“it’s cold, isn’t it?”), which you hear
approximately eight-thousand times per day during winter in Japan.

▼ Click for your 2017 bear-fortune (大吉 = very lucky, 吉 = lucky, 小吉 = some luck,
末吉 = luck to come, 凶 = unlucky, 大凶 = very unlucky, くま吉 = bear lucky)

▼ And there’s the dancing “Shrill Penguin,” a friend of the dancing bears,
in one of the strangest videos we’ve ever seen… and that’s saying something.

Are all of these dancing animals a result of the fact that dancing is no longer technically illegal in Japan? If so, then keep on shaking it you crazy party animals!

Source: Twitter/@takadabear via NetLab
Featured image: Twitter/@takadabear