Nothing sells the relaxing, hot water of Kusatsu like thousands of pixels.

While Japan might be known as a technologically advanced country, there are those who visit to experience the rural environment. Sure, the biggest city in the world is there, as well as areas that you could consider meccas of anime, games, food and fashion, but many people might call the little rural towns the “authentic Japanese experience”.

A great example of that is Kusatsu in Gunma Prefecture, which is a small town that is already a major travel destination for local and foreign tourists. The famous Kusatsu Hot Springs are one of the top 100 onsen in Japan, so they don’t necessarily need an advertising team to stay on top of their tourism game, but a spectacular 4K (ultra HD) video certainly doesn’t hurt.

Many of the beautiful shots of the town are captured with the help of drones which probably means one of two things: the tourism board carefully planned their budget around purchasing and using an expensive piece of hi-tech equipment, or someone got a cool drone for Christmas, flew it around town, then saw the footage and thought, “Yeah, we can use that!”

▼ It certainly helps that the picturesque town lends itself to awe dropping aerial shots.




The video is racking up over a million views on the town’s YouTube page, but perhaps most surprisingly is the number of comments left in English wondering how one could get an English-teaching job in Kusatsu. With only one elementary school and one junior high school, job vacancies are probably very, very limited.


▼ Perhaps some can work in the official capacity of cooling off the onsen water.


This isn’t the only 4K video posted by the town, but their previous clip featuring the town in autumn has not generated as much buzz as this one.

▼ Still outrageously beautiful though.

Whether you plan to visit in the summer, autumn, spring or even winter, Kusatsu is definitely a place you can write home about.

But if you can’t make it out to Gunma, there are plenty of other onsen towns that are just as magical all over the country. All are worth a visit, so if you can’t decide which one to choose, might as well visit them all!

Source: Japaaan Magazine
Images: YouTube/草津温泉観光協会