Do you highlight things but still forget them? AnkiSnap might be able to help!

Studying is hard. You can spend hours highlighting things, taking notes, and looking them over again and again, but then when the day of the test comes, it can all still somehow manage to slip away from your mind like sand through your fingers.

Even in the age of smartphones, studying is still an uphill battle. If you want to use an app to make flashcards, you still have to input all the information manually. And sure, you can take pictures of the information you need to memorize using your phone, but simply staring at a picture with no interaction is not going to help much.

That’s where AnkiSnap comes in. It’s a highlighter that helps link textbooks and smartphones together in a way that makes studying a lot easier. You simply highlight the information you need to know, take a photo of it, and then the AnkiSnap app turns it into a game where you can test yourself.

▼ Step 1: Highlight the hard-to-remember stuff.


▼ Step 2: Take a picture of the page.


▼ Step 3: Open it up in the app and all the highlighted areas are blackened out.
Touching them reveals the answer, and it keeps track of how many you’ve done.


▼ Here’s a video showing three Japanese high school
students who are very excited to use AnkiSnap.

As a former Japanese teacher, AnkiSnap looks like it could really be helpful for students. One of the most effective ways to study and get information to stick is by using Cloze deletion, having words blanked out in sentences where you have to fill in them in based on the context, and that seems to be what AnkiSnap is all about.

Plus you can even share your AnkiSnap data with others who also have the app, so study groups and friends can divide up the work and get more done more efficiently.

If you’re interested in trying out AnkiSnap, you can buy the pen and a one-year app license at Amazon or Amazon Japan. Reviews of the product on Amazon Japan vary from people having lots of success with it, to others who claim it doesn’t work as they expected. However, many reviewers got it to work fine, so maybe we need to take Japan’s notoriously harsh reviews with a grain of salt?

Source: Pentel
Top image: YouTube/ぺんてる公式チャンネル
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