Feel like Neo Queen Serenity herself with this beautiful Sailor Moon fountain pen

It not only looks like Sailor Moon’s Disguise Pen, it’s also a beautifully designed, high-quality fountain pen. 

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AnkiSnap pen turns highlighting into a smartphone game that makes studying a breeze【Video】

Do you highlight things but still forget them? AnkiSnap might be able to help!

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Japanese pen contains miniature coffee siphon that works with the warmth of human touch

Watching the liquid move and bubble as it reacts to warmth makes it easy to forget that this is actually a pen!

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Is Japan’s combination personal cat stamp/pen/mechanical pencil the best writing instrument ever?

Keep your personal seal handy with this adorable and convenient twist on the traditional hank stamp.

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Sailors Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto join Sailor Moon in getting cool new anime pens

It’s easy to forget, but Sailor Moon and her fellow Sailor Senshi actually spend most of their day as students. When there aren’t any monsters around, the anime’s cast should ostensibly have notes to take, worksheets to fill out, and reports to write, and when it’s time to stop fighting and start studying, maybe they reach for one of these pens modeled after the magical equipment of Sailors Moon, Chibimoon, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

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New Sailor Moon pens: “Magic not included”

The release of the reanimated Sailor Moon series has brought with it an influx of new and exciting merchandise, much to the joy of fans old and new alike. Jewelry, apparel, accessories… even pens that look like our beloved Scouts’ transformation wands.

But for those of you who were wishing to fight some evil by moonlight, you may be in for a bit of disappointment.

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