Party Pocket Monsters in the game!

Over the past two decades, Pokémon has become the epitome of a multimedia franchise, with a highly successful anime series, trading card game, and even live events featuring the adorable Pocket Monsters. If you’re tracing Pokémon history all the way back to its very beginning, though, everything started with the release of the 1996 paired titles Pokémon Red and Green for Nintendo’s Game Boy in Japan on February 27.

Hey, wait…that’s today!

Yes, Pokémon turns 21 today, and while that might mean Pikachu is old enough to go out to a bar and order a beer, he’s decided to celebrate “Pokémon Day” in a more wholesome manner. Right now, Pokémon GO players can find special versions of the beloved electric-type wearing a party hat (similar to the “Santa Pikachus” that made an appearance in the game last December).

Unfortunately, the Party Pikachus don’t have any unique abilities like “Feed opponent cake until he becomes full and slow” or “Paralyze opponent with extra cuteness.” On the plus side, they do keep their festive headwear permanently, which should help you to keep the spirit of Pokémon Day in your heart all year long.

The Party Pikachus will be catchable in Pokémon GO until March 6, so if you’re a completionist, charge up your phone and start your search. And even though Pikachu is the only species who gets a cool hat, that doesn’t mean you can’t do something nice for your other Pocket Monsters on Pokémon Day, like evolving them into awesome new forms to mark the special occasion.

Source: IT Media