These sakura-filled dewdrops are every bit as delicious as they are beautiful.

As the cherry blossoms begin to bloom around Japan, more and more sakura-themed temptations are making an appearance on store shelves around the country.

One of this year’s most popular offerings is the delectable-looking sakura jelly, which pays homage to Japan’s iconic springtime flower by encasing it in a globe of jelly so transparent it looks like a beautiful oversized dewdrop!


These jellies were created by the oldest confectionery shop in Japan’s northern Akita Prefecture, Eitaro, which was founded all the way back in 1883.

▼ The jellies come in a pack of three for 900 yen (US$7.89) or a pack of nine for 2,460 yen.


The company has actually been producing these exquisite sakura jellies for 13 years now, and the treats are so popular that last year they reached a record total of a quarter of a million sales.


The limited-edition sweet contains a domestically produced whole salted cherry blossom in its centre, which is then encased in a faint pink jelly flavoured with a hint of cherry liqueur.


Available to purchase online and at department stores in Akita Prefecture and the Tokyo Metropolitan area, the blooming sakura jellies are sure to be a hit at hanami cherry blossom viewing picnics and parties around the country this season.

If you’re visiting Tokyo’s Roppongi district, a similar sakura jelly offering can be purchased at the Sun Fruits high-end fruit store, and this one comes in a gorgeous dish shaped like a delicate cherry blossom petal.


▼ The 540 yen retail price includes the beautiful pink sakura dish to take home.


Called the “Sakura Bavarois”, this palm-sized sweet contains a salted cherry blossom encased in a domed jelly. Sitting atop a serving of smooth, creamy bavarois, the sakura jelly is surrounded by roughly sliced pink jelly pieces which represent the fallen cherry blossom petals.


The jelly casing creates a stunning visual effect that makes the petal inside seem much larger than it really is. The mix of tart cherry blossom flavours combines well with the creamy bavarois, creating a delicious and incredibly memorable seasonal dessert.


Like many of the other sweet sakura offerings on sale this spring, these cherry blossom jellies are only available for a limited time so be sure to pick one up as soon as you can. Whether you’re enjoying them at home or under the trees during the hanami flower-viewing season, these sweet sakura treats will definitely be a treat to remember, even after the beautiful pink petals have fallen from the trees!

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