A sweet and cheesy treat arrives in time for cherry blossom viewing season.

People in Japan love to celebrate the changing of the seasons, and that goes for Domino’s Pizza Japan too. As we finally pull out of the cold, dreary days of winter, everyone’s got cherry blossoms on their minds as the days start to get longer and warmer, and so Domino’s is rolling out a sakura pizza.

The Sakura Pizza sort of straddles the line between regular and dessert pizza. The toppings start out orthodox with mozzarella cheese, and actually 50 percent more than what you get on a regular Domino’s Japan pizza. Things get progressively sweeter from there, though, since mixed in with the cheese is condensed milk, and sprinkled on top are strawberries and pink, cherry blossom-evocative tapioca balls, of the kind you’d get in tapioca tea/boba. There’s more sweetness waiting inside the crust, which is stuffed with sakura-flavor chocolate and cheese, and the edge of is dusted with powdered sugar.

▼ Domino’s is even introducing a special sakura springtime delivery box.

The Sakura Pizza ranges in price from 1,795 yen (US$12) to 4,990, depending on size, depending on size and whether you’re ordering it for delivery or carryout/eat-in. If you happen to already have your heart set on some other kind of pizza, though, but still want a sakura-themed side order, Domino’s Japan is also offering Sakura Mozzarella Balls for 490 yen per order, though they don’t say what makes them cherry blossom-ish aside from their pink color.

Alternatively, if you want both of these sakura treats, and a few other things to munch on too, there’s the Sakura Set, for 3,999 yen, which gets you a small-size Sakura Pizza, Sakura Mozzarella Balls, and a second small-size pizza and side order of your choice, with a cherry blossom-pattern “leisure sheet,” a compact foldable plastic picnic blanket to sit on if you’re enjoying your meal in the park underneath some cherry blossom trees.

Both the Sakura Pizza and Mozzarella Balls are on sale now and will be available until March 31, except in Hokkaido and Japan’s northeastern Tohoku region, where cherry blossom season ends later than in the rest of the country, and Domino’s will be offering them until April 28.

Source: PR Times via IT Media
Images: PR Times
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