The pool might be shallow, but their show has a lot of depth!

At Japanese high schools around the country, there are a ton of different clubs that are offered, which gives students a plethora of options when choosing one to join. You’ve got your standard athletic clubs like baseball, soccer and volleyball, and you’ve got your non-athletic clubs as well, such as science, art and English.

The “Water Boys” swimming/synchronized swimming club at Kyoto’s Yamashiro high school most likely falls into the athletic column, but that doesn’t mean come culture festival time they aren’t ready to put on an epic show. The club practices hard all year to ensure that when their fans show up – and they do indeed show up! – they will be in for a special treat.

Their performances are even broadcast on TV as this tweet shows.

Their performances are energetic and entertaining, but none are perhaps as hilarious as this golden gem from 2014. Even though we are happy to let it go, these Water Boys couldn’t resist choreographing their own version of Elsa’s “Let It Go” from Frozen.

You might be sick of the song, but trust us, this performance makes listening to that ear worm totally worth it.

It may be hard to pick out at the beginning, but at 0:55 “Elsa”
comes out and directs her magic dancing “icicles” in the pool.

▼ But training for such shows can be difficult, as this first year
student on the left shows while learning to jump gracefully.

That’s just a drop in the pool of the Water Boys’ performances, and if you want to see more check out their YouTube channel. Watching them is the perfect way to “work” through an afternoon and to see just what high school boys are up to nowadays.

Source: YouTube/5610 hazime via CuRAZY
Images: YouTube/5610 hazime