What’s so special about this Cup Noodle? Well, you can have it instead of an energy drink!

For those of us in need of a little power boost, there’s now an instant food that you can rely on, thanks to Nissin’s first-ever “energy noodle”, the “Cup Noodle Energy Miso Ginger Big” !

The noodle apparently contains amino acids and vitamins that are typically included in energy drinks. According to the product description, ingredients in the soup include the amino acid arginine and the vitamin niacin (vitamin B3) to give you that energy boost.

But it’s not just about energy-loaded ingredients. The Cup Noodle has a rich, pork stock and miso-based soup containing ginger and garlic for some additional zesty flavor. Plus, the noodle also comes with a separate packet of “golden ginger flavor oil” that should provide a bit of ginger freshness in the rich soup.

▼ Mmmm … the description certainly makes the noodle sound tasty enough! Of course, you get the usual Cup Noodle mystery meat, as well as pieces of egg, cabbage and red pepper.

Now, we think that looks a tad more appetizing than an energy drink in a can, wouldn’t you agree?

The Cup Noodle Energy Miso Ginger Big will be available at supermarkets and stores across Japan from March 27 at a price of 205 yen (US$1.85) a cup. If you’re in Japan this spring and feel in need of a little extra energy, Nissin’s newest Cup Noodle might be just what you need!

Source: Nissin press release via Narinari.com
Images: Nissin press release