Nissin is bringing the joy of barbecue to instant ramen.

Part of what makes Nissin’s Cup Noodle instant ramen so enjoyable is that it knows exactly what it is. When you’re reaching for a cup of instant ramen, odds are you’re not in the mood for delicate, subtle flavors. You want something that’s going to hit your taste buds with strong, straightforward deliciousness.

All that goes double if you’re opting for one of the extra-large Big-series Cup Noodle varieties, so our mouths are already watering at the thought of Nissin’s newest announced instant ramen flavor: barbeque sparerib.

The Cup Noodle BBQ Sparerib Big, to use its full name, seeks to enhance ramen with a joyful flavor reminiscent of rich, juicy pork ribs. The broth is a powered-up soy base that Nissin promises is packed with the umami of pork and vegetable stock, with a dash of togarashi red pepper for a kick of spicy and sweet notes. You also get a packet of “special sparerib-style oil” to mix in, a mixture of pork, garlic, and soy sauce flavors. Toppings consist of Cup Noodle’s much-loved “mystery meat” plus cabbage and carrots, two vegetables that are pretty much always served as sides at barbecue parties in Japan.

Traditionally, summer is barbecue season in Japan, but Nissin wisely knows that now that they’ve announced this amazing-sounding flavor, there’s no way we can be expected to wait that long to try it, and Cup Noodle BBQ Sparerib Big will be going on sale for 245 yen (US$1.90) on March 6.

Source: Nissin via Livedoor News via Narinari
Images: Nissin
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