HeatTech for your food? It’s not quite what you think, but it’s still genius.

Many of us have come to rely on Uniqlo’s HeatTech clothing to get through the cold winter months. It seals in heat almost like magic, even for your face. So naturally, what did Japanese instant noodle maker Nissin Foods decide to do? Replicate the effect!

Nissin has collaborated with Uniqlo to create two flavors of HeatTech Donbei noodles, which were released nationwide in Japan on January 25.

They come with a HeatTech label on the package, and they include a packet of ginger, red pepper, and other spices to create a HeatTech-like effect that warms you from the inside. And they’re only 193 yen (US$1.85) each!

The first flavor is Mentai Ankake Udon, a spicy, fishy, chewy mixture that will comfort and warm you.

This flavor has thick, chewy udon noodles as a base. In Japan, many people believe that ginger helps keep the body warm during winter, so the thick broth here is a mixture of ginger and mentaiko (spicy cod roe), with the other ingredients including mentaiko-enhanced fish cakes, egg, and green onions.

If you’re not in an udon mood, the second offering is Pork Broth Ankake Soba.

This is a different mix of extra-savory flavors chosen to take the edge off the cold. Once again the broth is the thick style known as ankake, here flavored with a pork and ginger. You also get roast chashu pork and green onions, with the nutty taste of the buckwheat noodles making for a slightly lighter and more complex flavor than you’d get with the ramen noodles that chashu usually accompanies.

And if you’re wondering, “Hey, where’s the actual HeatTech?” Well, Nissin is holding a Twitter promotion until February 8 where you can win one of 100 HeatTech long-sleeved shirts. You just need to follow the Donbei account on Twitter, comment the size of shirt you want should you win, and retweet this campaign Tweet.

Sources: Entabe, Nissin
Top image: Nissin
Insert images: Nissin
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