Really, is there any more sensible way to spend that money than in obtaining a 1:1-scale figure of the female lead of one of anime’s most popular harem series?

Just like human beings need a strong sense of identity for a rich, fulfilling life, so too does an anime series need to understand exactly what itself is in order to be successful. In the case of To Love-Ru and its follow-up To Love-Ru Darkness, the people in charge of the anime and manga know that while they’ve got science fiction and comedy elements, it’s the harem aspects that really make it popular.

So it wasn’t too shocking last year when manufacturer Design Coco produced a life-size stature of To Love-Ru’s Momo. But like I said, To Love-Ru is a harem series, and you can’t have a harem with just one girl, so Design Coco is back with a 1:1-scale figure of Momo’s older sister Lala.

Made of fiber-reinforced plastic, the Lala statue stands 173.5 centimeters (68.3 inches) tall and is 65 centimeters across at its widest point, so this is targeted at not just people with a lot of space for the character in their heart, but also a lot of room in their home to devote to displays of fandom.

The manufacturer touts the figure as being a faithful and thorough recreation of Lala’s “galactic-class nice body,” which is amply displayed by her skimpy swimsuit.

▼ Or maybe this is lingerie? The product description doesn’t really seem too concerned about nitty-gritty fashion semantics.

Lala, for the most part, may look like an ordinary (though extremely well-endowed) Earth girl, she’s actually an alien from the planet Deviluke, as evidenced by her tail.

▼ No, I’m not talking about her butt. She literally has a tail.

And while Design Coco’s work is lovingly lascivious, that doesn’t mean they put in a half-effort on less provocative parts of the figure. The detail work on Lala’s flowing hair, for example, is rather impressive.

And for those still on the fence about whether they’d like to buy this statue or not, the manufacturers would also apparently really like you to consider the contours of Lala’s feet and mouth.

However, between the figure’s size, quality, and limited quantities (only 10 units will be produced), it commands a hefty price of 2.8 million yen (approximately US$25,260). Moreover, to even be allowed to drop that much cash on this piece of anime merch, you’ll have to be randomly selected from among a pool of would-be buyers.

For those willing to throw their hat in the ring, Shueisha (publisher of the To Love-Ru manga) is accepting purchase applications online here between now and May 31. Winners will be informed by June 2, so if you’re feeling lucky, you’ll want to start clearing out some floor space over the summer.

Source: Shueisha via IT Media
Images: Shueisha (edited by SoraNews24)

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