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Have a few thousand dollars just lying around? Well then these giant anime figures are just the thing for you!

There’s nothing that can quite complete a collection of anime merchandise like owning a figurine of your favorite character. But if that “figurine” is life-size, then you’ll want to clear a little floor space (and prepare to empty that savings account)! Here are a dozen life-size figures that can easily take your collection over the top.

Fujiko Mine (Lupin the Third)


2Image: Bike Oh

Released for sale in 2012 by the now-defunct company Daibu, Fujiko, from the classic anime Lupin the Third, set purchasers back a mere 500,000 yen (US$4,398), which will seem like a real steal when compared to some of these other life-size models.

Rei, Asuka, and Kaoru (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Image: 7-Eleven

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Evangelion’s TV debut, these must-have figures for any true Eva fan were sold through 7-Eleven stores, and cost a cool 1,720,000 yen ($15,130).

Cyan and Crow (SHOW BY ROCK!!)

4Image: Design Coco

5Image: Design Coco

Limited to only three copies each, figures of Cyan and Crow, available through Gamer’s Animate, cost 2,690,000 yen ($23,660).

Angela (Expelled from Paradise)


Image: Design Coco

Fans of Expelled from Paradise unfortunately get the short end of the stick, as the lovely Angela’s figure is not available for sale. You can, however, see the crazy amount of effort it took to create her in this video.

Eren and Levi (Attack on Titan)

Image: 7-Eleven

Another set of figures released by 7-Eleven in 2015, Eren and Levi from Attack on Titan cost 172,800 yen ($1,520) and were limited to only 20 replicas.

Lum (Urusei Yatsura)


Image: Pal Shop

The figure of this classic and well-loved character we watched the development of is still available for purchase here, though it will set you back a sweet 1,000,000 yen ($8,792).

Momo Velia Deviluke (To Love-ru Darkness)

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This life-size figure, which we were lucky enough to see in-person, was created as the source model for the 1/6 scale figurines of To Love-ru Darkeness‘ Momo.

Megumi Kato (Saekano- How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend)

10Image: Aniplex

This figure, based on the character from How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend, which caught our eye back in January, was limited to only 20 replicas, and available for purchase through special raffle selection only. The cost? Only 1,980,000 yen ($17,410).

So tell us, readers- if you had the money would you make one of these (or any other character, were it available) part of your collection?

Source: Cupo
Top image: 7-Eleven (edited by RocketNews24)