The perfect way to make your otaku friends jealous and your bank account sad.

Tokyo recently saw the grand opening of Small Worlds, a new miniature-themed museum/indoor amusement park that recreates not only the real world, but also the settings of two landmark anime in miniature form. One of those is Sailor Moon, and the other is Evangelion.

▼ The Evangelion sector is divided into both Cage and Tokyo-III zones.

With Evangelion boasting one of the most passionate fanbases of any anime franchise, Small Worlds is savvy enough to be offering some exclusive Eva Unit-01 figures for purchase.

Naturally, these are in greatly reduced scale…as long as you’re comparing them to Unit-01’s in-anime size, that is. Because while the Small World Eva figure isn’t as big as a skyscraper…

it is as big as a person!

Appropriately, Small Worlds is officially calling it the Evangelion Test Type Human-Scale Figure. Made with an FRP shell over a steel frame, the figure/statue, with base, has a height of 210 centimeters (six feet, 10.7 inches), so it’ll be sure to impress not only your otaku friends, but any professional basketball players you happen to have over to your house (it also weighs about 100 kilograms (220 pounds), if you also have bodybuilding pals who’re looking for some very unique weight-training gear).

▼ The Eva figure, compared to an average-height Japanese male

▼ The large size means you can easily appreciate the fine detail work.

If you’re a hardcore Eva fan, right now you might be measuring the height of your ceiling to see if you can fit this thing in your living room. However, there’s one more number you’ll need to take into consideration: the balance of your bank account. The Evangelion Test Type Human-Scale Figure doesn’t come cheap, as the statue is priced at 2,600,000 yen (US$24,300). If that sounds more to you like the price of a car than an anime figure, brace yourself for another startling similarity to motor vehicle purchasing: 2.6 million yen is the base price, but if you want all the options, they’ll cost extra. Specifically, shelling out another 800,000 yen gets you the umbilical cable and light effects (glowing red eyes) seen in the above photos, with the full-spec Unit-01 thus costing 3.4 million yen (US$31,775).

And that’s still not the final tally. You know how in car buying there are various other fees you have to pay aside from just the cost of the car itself? Same here, as shipping and installation are calculated separately. On the low end, you’ll be paying 116,000 yen (US$1,080) for shipping and 30,000 yen (US$280) for installation if you live in Tokyo or the surrounding Kanto region of Japan, meaning that at the very least, the fully optioned Human-Scale Eva will set you back 3,546,000 yen (US$33,140). Shipping and installation gets more expensive the farther away from Kanto you live, with shipping going all the way up to 329,000 yen and installation 390,720 yen (suggesting that the buyer is footing the bill for the installation crew’s travel expenses), for a maximum price of 4,119,720 yen (US$38,500).

Still, for the fan with a deep love for Eva and deep pockets, the figure’s order page can be found here, and production is being limited to only 20 units. For everyone else, there’s always that life-size Unit-01 statue being built in Kyoto.

Source: PR Times, Small Worlds via IT Media
Top image: PR Times
Insert images: Small Worlds (1, 2, 3), PR Times
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