Mmm! That looks like a delicious double-edge razor blade.

The long-running Britain’s Got Talent series had seen its fair share of amazing singers, bands and dancers. While magicians were a dime a dozen, few actually managed to impress the judges. However, one particular magician hailing from Japan accomplished what many failed to do with his bag of tricks.

Having traveled such a long way from home, Japanese magician TanBa couldn’t wait to show off his act to the crowd. Remember, do not try this at home!

▼ Check out TanBa’s audition below!

After receiving the go ahead, TanBa quickly inflated a balloon that was as long as his torso and placed one end in his mouth, prompting us to wonder if he was auditioning for something entirely different.

▼ You know things are about to get serious with that disclaimer.

Things took an unexpected turn as our Japanese magician began swallowing the balloon inch by inch while the audience watched in fascination. When the thing finally disappeared into the depths of his stomach, TanBa looked as if he had just finished a delicious hot dog.

Clearly, there was something different about this particular magician. Just when the audience thought they were going to be a treated to a light-hearted performance, TanBa whipped out a glass full of what appeared to be strips of metal and exclaimed, “All right! I have a razor blade.”

He approached judge Simon Cowell to verify that the stainless steel double-edge safety razor blades were indeed real; a clean cut through a sheet of paper proved them to be genuine and extremely sharp. The audience and judges watched in horror as TanBa placed the razor blade on his tongue and swallowed it in one go, looking as if he had just eaten a piece of steak.

▼ That sure escalated quickly

Our magician then went on a spree, popping the remaining razors into his mouth as if they were candy. And like the gentleman that he is, TanBa even offered some to judge Alesha Dixon.

TanBa then placed a ball of string into his mouth and used it to effortlessly pull out all the razors he had swallowed, much to the astonishment of everyone present.

▼ If only stringing Christmas lights were this easy.

After spewing a long line of streamer, our magician began regurgitating the balloon he had swallowed right at the start of his performance. Even the normally unperturbed Simon Cowell had trouble keeping his face straight.

▼ Simon’s look of bewilderment was priceless.

TanBa finished off his act by popping his balloon, and was greeted with a standing ovation from the audience and judges. Well done!

While magic can be as simple as walking an invisible dog or an old man levitating a cigarette, it can be as hair-raising as TanBa’s, never ceasing to appeal to the inner child in all of us. Just don’t try any of these at home!

Source: YouTube/Britain’s Got Talent via Kotaro Blog
Images: YouTube/Britain’s Got Talent