Could it possibly be easier than using a razor? It’s time to grit our teeth and find out!

The Daiso, in spite of being the Japanese equivalent of a dollar store, can actually have some really nice quality beauty products. Take their unexpectedly great hair-drying gloves, which help your hair dry faster with a hair dryer, or their reusable moisturizing face masks, which our Japanese language reporter Go Hattori uses on a regular basis to keep his skin supple and smooth.

Adding to his repertoire of frugal beauty items, Go recently found wax hair removal strips at The Daiso and thought they might make it easier to rid his legs and armpits of their long, wild hairs. If he could cut down on the time it takes to become feminine alter-ego Rei-chan, then it would be well worth it!

One pack of Daiso’s wax hair removal strips contains a total of 10 strips: three pairs of two large strips, and two pairs of two smaller strips. There were also 10 wet wipes, for post-removal care.

According to the package instructions, if your hair is long, then you’re supposed to cut it to a length of between two to five millimeters (less than a quarter-inch) before waxing, but…

…that’s too much work!

If Go was going to take the time to cut his leg hair before using the wax strips, he might as well just shave with a razor like he always does. No, he decided, he wasn’t going to trim them. These strips could handle his hairy legs, he was sure of it.

So without thinking about it any further, he peeled the strip off of the paper and stuck it on his leg…

…and riiiiip! He tore it off in one swoop.

Ow! Ow! Ow! Sweet butter biscuits did that hurt. According to Go, it was like putting tape on your leg and ripping it off, but much, much worse.

But look! It took the hair right off! He now has a smooth, hairless spot on his shin.

Then, following proper beauty standards, Go carefully used one of the included wipes to clean off the wax and adhesives that were still stuck to his skin.

Now it was time to do another section of his leg. He firmly stuck another wax strip to a section just above the last one, and braced himself.

▼ Just look at the expression on his face. He knew what was coming.

…and yank! That expression speaks for itself.

Go then tried removing hair from his armpit. This, too, hurt like the dickens. He made the same face as a Japanese warlord in one of those old paintings. Or maybe he looks more like a terracotta warrior.

That expression is not dramatized, by the way. This is not pro wrestling-style acting. That’s a real face caused by real pain. Hair waxing is no joke, my friends.

Finally, in spite of the violent pain he experienced from his leg and armpit, he also tried a strip on his arm, where the hair length was probably between the recommended two to five millimeters.

But maybe he wasn’t doing it right, or the hair was too fine, because for some reason it didn’t work as well. You can tell by the lack of evident torture in his face.

With six large and four small sheets, he was only able to wax the hair out of half of a leg and one armpit. Go says that if you seriously intend to use these strips to remove all of the hair from your legs, pits, and arms, you’ll probably want to buy about ten packs of these wax strips. Not as cheap as just buying one pack, but still probably cheaper than most wax kits, and just as effective, although it won’t necessarily save you much time.

In the end, he used a hand razor and an electric razor to remove the rest of his body hair, including his beard and mustache, so that his whole body could be ready to become a pretty lady.

With his silky-smooth skin, he put on Rei-chan’s clothes and makeup and headed out for a night on the town!

Hopefully Rei-chan is headed out to another all-male crossplay event. All that hair-pulling torture to achieve hairless perfection deserves some fun!

Images: ©SoraNews24
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