Makes train ride feel like an adventure, passengers feel like victorious heroes.

Every August, the town of Yokohama, 20 minutes south of Tokyo, is overrun by Pokémon as part of the Pikachu Outbreak event. But currently it’s another storied video game franchise’s turn to set up camp in the city, as 30th anniversary festivities for the Final Fantasy series are going on this month in the Minato Mirai harbor district.

The literally biggest part of the celebration is a planned projection mapped movie of Bahamut, the draconian summon creature that’s appeared in multiple Final Fantasy installments, which is set to be shown against the 140-meter (459-foot) Yokohama Intercontinental Hotel on June 10 and 11. But while that’s sure to be a sight to see, there’s also a treat for the ears for anyone using Minato Mirai Station, on the Minato Mirai Line.

Like many rail stations in Japan, Minato Mirai plays a short piece of music to let everyone know when the train doors are about to close. Right now, though the regular jingle has been replaced by something much more heroic.

That’s the Final Fantasy main theme, which has served as the series musical signature for the past three decades, fulfilling its new role of seeing northbound trains on their way from Minato Mirai Station. For passengers heading in the opposite southbound direction, trains signal their departure with the victory fanfare which plays when the Final Fantasy’s heroes are victorious over their foes in battle.

▼ Both pieces of music can be heard at both the end of this video clip and the one in the tweet above.

The main theme lends a sense of real significance to the ride, and there’s no doubt the victory fanfare serves as the perfect emotional punctuation for passengers who jut barely managed to make the northbound trains.

The Fina Fantasy music will be in use at Minato Mirai Station until July 7, giving everyone coming down to feel the cool ocean breeze a very cool memory to go with it.

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Source: Togech

Top image: Final Fantasy Minato Mirai event website

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