The video game-loving owner of this bird must feel like a winner every day.

Despite having its 15th numbered installment on the way, Final Fantasy isn’t so much a series as a franchise. But while only a few of the titles are direct sequels, there are certain elements that show up in just about every game, such as airships, a recurring roster of monsters that can be summoned, and an engineer named Cid.

Final Fantasy even has its own musical legacy, in the form of the “Victory Fanfare” that punctuates the defeat of your foes in battle.

▼ The original “Victory Fanfare” from the very first Final Fantasy

If you’re a gamer with a fondness for Japanese RPGs, odds are hearing the “Victory Fanfare” causes your brain to release a generous helping of endorphins in a Pavlovian response. So we imagine Twitter user @kanmiQ, who owns the bird seen in the video below, must be feeling pretty good these days.

“He’s been singing ‘Victory Fanfare’ nonstop,” tweeted @kanmiQ, whose pet we suspect is copying the sounds it heard while its owner was playing one of the Final Fantasy games within earshot.

Online commenters had the following to say:

“Something good must have happened to him.”
“What did he just win at?”
“He’s a chocobo!”

Regarding that last comment, he’s actually a little on the small side for one of Final Fantasy’s flightless yet rideable (and adorable) birds. Nonetheless, we’d love to see him perform a duo with this guy, who’s got “Theme of Chocobo,” another one of Final Fantasy’s classic music pieces, stuck in his head.

Source: Jin, Twitter/@kanmiQ