The app that digitally removes makeup has some some funny, and frightening, results.

With the advent of apps in recent years, enhancing photos to make them look more beautiful is now easier than ever. Filters come standard with most smartphones these days, and while adding digital makeup can make anyone look more attractive – even family pets – now people are playing with a new app that removes makeup from photos instead.

People everywhere are having fun with the makeup-erasing option on the Makeapp app, including our japanese-language writing team. Mr Sato and Go Hattori were particularly keen to try the app on some of their favourite photos, and the results were shocking, hilarious and frightening at the same time.

First up is Mr Sato, made up as a stubbly version of the white Softbank dog for one of his intrepid news-gathering assignments.

With everything covered in makeup, except his lips and eyes, Mr Sato was curious to see what would happen when he pressed the “Remove Makeup” button on the screen.

Erm…it seems Mr Sato must’ve been born this way, as the wizardry of digital makeup removal did nothing to change his appearance.

Apart from slightly softening out the edges, which made him look even worse than he did before, there was no real change to these before-and-after images.

Thinking the no-makeup effect might work better on a more conventionally made-up face, Mr Sato reached for the feminine section of his expansive photo collection.

▼ Here he is playing up to the cameras at a photo shoot for another one of his hard-hitting investigative stories.

Mr Sato tapped the “Remove Makeup” button on Makeapp and….YIKES! The once alluring seductress instantly became the stuff of nightmares.

▼ The lady in the “after” shot belongs in a horror movie.

Another one of Mr Sato’s female characters came out looking worse for wear after the change, making him wonder if he really looked that pallid in real life.

Go was next to step up to the plate, offering up one of his most kawaii photos for the transformation.

▼ Again, the result was a horror show.

Go’s once-vibrant complexion had become sallow, and his eyes and hair had also lost their shine, making him look like more like an old woman peering out of a haunted house rather than a cute, beguiling lady.

Go was determined to try again, this time with his most adorable photo, which he hoped would leave him looking a little more vibrant in the after shot.

▼ Sorry, Go – this app refuses to be forgiving.

▼ Gorgeous Go ends up looking not-so-gorgeous.

With the app stripping away extra definition and colour during the makeup-removal process, it’s not surprising that it made our male models look like sunken-eyed, lifeless beings. Still, makeup isn’t everything; if you’re not made-up, that doesn’t mean you’re a sunken-eyed, sallow shell of a woman, even if that’s what this app clearly makes you out to be!

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