And take 20+ photos of Japanese actress and model Suzu Hirose.

Today is the day for customers to finally get their hands on the long-awaited and much-hyped iPhone 11. People lined up around the world to be amongst the first to own the new phone, and here in Tokyo it was no different, with even our own iPhone-loving reporter Mr. Sato setting up camp outside the SoftBank store in Ginza.

After years of mingling with celebrities on previous iPhone release days, Mr. Sato made a triumphant return to the front of the line three days ahead of the iPhone 11 release this year, only to be moved along by police on the night before September 20.

▼ Mr Sato and his mate Butch put in a valiant effort but their plans were thwarted by the cops.

With Mr Sato’s dreams of being the first person in Tokyo to own the new iPhone shattered in pieces on the sidewalk, our reporter Seiji Nakazawa decided to step in and attend the opening ceremony at Ginza’s SoftBank store when it officially opened this morning. After all, if Mr Sato wasn’t going to be photographed on stage as the first customer of the day, Seiji was determined to find out who would be.

▼ Turns out Seiji (in the blue shirt) wasn’t the only person interested in the event.

At the front of the room, ceremoniously presenting today’s new products to the public, were two figures which Seiji couldn’t quite make out, as all he had on hand to take photos with was the iPhoneXR.

Zooming in, he could see that on the left was SoftBank Representative Director & COO Jun Shimba, and standing next to him was the beautiful Japanese actress and model Suzu Hirose.

▼ However, Seiji’s pictures were grainy, and not doing justice to Hirose’s beauty at all.

▼ That was the moment Seiji wished he had the telephoto lens of the new iPhone 11…

Seiji was determined to not give up on capturing Hirose’s beauty so he kept snapping away, somehow hoping that each photo would be better than the one he took before…

▼ Oooph, things looked even worse with the flash from other people’s cameras.

At this point, Seiji felt like he was taking these pictures for Mr Sato, who’d missed out on everything that day. Not only had Mr Sato been told to move away from the SoftBank store by the cops, he’d also missed out on being the first person to buy the iPhone 11, and he’d missed out on being in the room with this beauty as well.

▼ “That should be Mr Sato up there smiling broadly with Hirose and his new iPhone…

Seiji then realised that zooming out a bit improved the picture quality. However, that meant Hirose’s face looked further away.

There was nothing left to do but elbow his way a little closer to the stage, and as he slid his iPhoneXR in his pocket, he suddenly remembered he had the Google Pixel 3 camera with him as well.

“Now that’s more like it!” Seiji thought, as he finally got to take some good photos of the duo and their phones.

Seiji’s persistence paid off, as he finally felt the sweet taste of triumph in a day that had been less-than-triumphant all morning.

▼ That was when he noticed what appeared to be a slight tinge of longing in Hirose’s eye.

▼ It was as if she had hoped Mr Sato would be joining her on stage that day.

▼ Perhaps she could feel Mr Sato’s loss as she felt that same sense of loss too.

Could it be that she was hoping to see Mr Sato jump out from the crowd in his Pikachu costume?

After snapping dozens of photos of Hirose, Seiji finally got the photos he’d hoped for. And now all he could do was hope that Mr Sato would like them too. It’s never easy trying to cheer Mr Sato up when he’s down and out in a funk, but hopefully these pictures of Hirose longing for her Mr Sato would do the trick.

Either way, anything is better than getting left cold and alone outside a locked door on the release of the iPhone X.

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