Come with us as we track down the unusual machine in Tokyo.

Japan is known around the world for its huge number of weird and wonderful vending machines. Just last month, our Japanese-language reporter Mr Sato was surprised to discover a unique vending machine selling bubble wrap, and since then he’s been on the hunt to find even more unusual machines around town.

This week when we were out and about on the road around Tokyo, Mr Sato managed to make another unique discovery on a quiet neighbourhood street, and this time it was a machine selling plastic food samples.

The vending machine was located outside a business called “Shine”, which specialises in manufacturing plastic toys.

With its neat display case on the left, and “Food Samples” flag on the right, this machine really stood out on the quiet residential street. Mr. Sato couldn’t think of a time when he’d ever found himself with an urgent need for plastic food replicas, but if people in this neighbourhood ever have a need for them, they’ll be able to purchase them at any time of the day or night.

Just in case hungry passersby weren’t sure about what was being sold here, the machine had two large signs on its front, which read: “Food samples cannot be eaten. Please use them as a keyholder or strap.

Looking closer, Mr Sato saw that all the items inside were priced differently, starting at 300 yen (US$2.70) and going all the way up to 900 yen.

Reading the instructions, he followed the five-step process to make a purchase. First, he pressed a button on the right-hand side of the machine, which rotated the display so he could see all the products available.

After going through his change, he picked out a couple of plastic replicas within his price range and inserted the money into the coin slot. Then it was just a simple matter of opening up the little doors to pick up his items.

After closing the doors up again, Mr Sato ripped the new products out of their plastic bags to admire their beauty.

He chose to buy a chocolate and bread strap, which cost him 1,500 yen together. Being the chocolate lover he is, Mr Sato was particularly enamoured by the chocolate strip, which felt like it was made from rubber.

Our reporter was impressed by the quality of the goods he bought, saying they looked just like the real thing. So if you happen to come across Mr Sato on the streets of Tokyo and he offers you a piece of chocolate from his pocket, don’t take it – he’s looking for someone to prank with it!

Vending Machine Information

Address:Tokyo-to, Ota-ku, Oomori Nishi 1-10-6 (Shine Company)

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