What better way to convince your spouse to stop cheating than by hiring a “friend” to tell them to quit?

As odd as it sounds, it seems you can rent any kind of person for any occasion in Japan. From little sisters to accompany you on pretend dates, to older men to give you sage advice, money can buy you whatever human interaction you need.

And now another uncomfortable part of life can be safely purchased away thanks to the “couples-busting” Tokyo company Ginza Ladis 1. They’re offering one of the most bizarre and elaborate human rental services we’ve ever seen: you rent someone to become close friends with your cheating spouse’s partner, and then that person convinces them to break up with your spouse for you.

▼ “I could just say something to him… or I could pay someone else to do it
via a complicated web of lies! Yes, that sounds like a good idea.”

What Ginza Ladis 1 does may sound incredible, but we haven’t even scratched the surface yet.

A representative from the company recently gave an interview where he talked at length about their tactics. He claimed that they go all out when it comes to dispatching a new “friend” to your cheating spouse’s partner. They find out what their hobbies and interests are and have the “friend-to-be” go to the same events, classes, gym, and more to get closer to them.

And what if they don’t have any hobbies? That’s easy. They just slip free coupons for events into their mailbox and basically force a hobby upon them.

▼ “Wow, I’m so glad I got that mysterious coupon and was able to meet you!”
“Uh, yeah. Sure. Hey, can we talk about that married guy you’re dating…?”

Not only that, but one of Ginza Ladis 1’s subsidiaries is a movie company, so they employ professional actors as the people who will become “friends” with your cheating spouse’s partner.

With their movie connections, they even set up “scenes” at fancy hotels, expensive apartments, or even whole cafes that they only open for one day, just to be more convincing. They’ve even used police cars and helicopters before, all in the name of gaining the person’s trust.

And once they finally have that trust, they use it to convince that person to stop cheating with your spouse. Not in a strict or angry way, but as their friend who cares about them and wants to see them leave that unhealthy relationship with their head held high, because they deserve better.

▼ “You’re right. I do need to leave him. I’m so glad we’re such good friends.”
“Yeah. Also if you never see or hear from me again after today, uh, that’s fine.”

Setting aside for a moment how crazy this all may sound, anyone who has been cheated on before can tell you that even if you get rid of the person your significant other is cheating with, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will stop.

Ginza Ladis 1 acknowledges this, and they offer a variety of counseling/self-help programs to try and rekindle your relationship. They can get rid of the person your spouse is cheating with, but they admit that the rest is up to you. Although… if you’ve already gone and secretly hired someone to get rid of your spouse’s side-girl/guy, then we can’t imagine your communication is in a healthy place. Maybe, uh, start there?

Either way, taking a look at the “couples-busting” plans that Ginza Ladis 1 has available, it seems like this is a rich couples’ problem-solving service only. The most basic plan (30 days and see what happens) costs 380,000 yen (US$3,376), and the most expensive plan (240 days with success guaranteed) costs 8,600,000 yen ($76,419).

If you want to see it for yourself, you can check out Ginza Ladis 1’s website in English or Japanese. Though honestly, if it were us being cheated on, we’d just rent a hot guy to come and wipe our tears away. Much more affordable.

Source: Ladis Wakaresaseya, livedoor NEWS via My Game News Flash
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