If you’ve used Happy Hotel to book a love hotel recently, you may want to change your password!

If you’re partying late into the night and you find someone special you want to take home with you, chances are you and your amorous partner are likely going to stop at a nearby love hotel instead of trekking all the way home. The rooms there are specially designed for couples who want to have a private, romantic time together, whether that’s for a whole night or just a few hours.

Of course, that convenience also makes them a great place for men and women who are cheating on their partners to take their secret lovers, so love hotels often have an undeserved seedy reputation. It’s unfair because they can actually be little mini paradises with beautiful rooms that are great weekend staycation spots for couples, and are even fun places to go for singles who want to have a fun night to themselves!

▼ But really, though, they’re mostly great for gettin’ freaky.

Unfortunately, if you’re a regular love hotel user who recently used the love hotel search engine Happy Hotel to book a stay, you might want to take some time to secure your personal information. That’s because the website was recently breached by a hacker, with a possible leak of user data.

The company that runs the website, Almex, released a statement last week about the attack, but is currently investigating whether user information was stolen or not. The possible data leak may have included e-mail addresses, passwords, usernames, genders, birthdays, and addresses as specific as street and neighborhood names. They have not yet confirmed whether full addresses, credit card information, and full names could have been stolen.

▼ All that info you put in when booking could be at risk.

The cyber attack occurred on December 22, and targeted weak spots in Happy Hotel’s security systems. Almex apologized for the attack on their website and suggested that users change their log-in information if they’ve used the same password for any other site. In the meantime, Happy Hotel has been taken down until the investigation is complete, so if you need to find a love hotel any time soon, best to use another resource for the time being.

For those who’ve used the site for dastardly reasons, be careful! For all we know, this could be an attempt to blackmail cheating partners, or a desperate partner’s attempt at finding out the truth about their cheating s.o.! If you come home to find all of your electronics in the bath one day, you’ll probably know why, so it might be best to come clean now, before anything drastic happens.

Source: ITmedia News via Goldentimes
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