You can skip the protein bars and snack on real desserts at this fitness center, but there’s a catch.

Forza Fitness Studio Gran is a new gym that just opened up in Tokyo, and it boasts a couple of unique features. It’s got a convenient location in the downtown Ikebukuro neighborhood, offers a variety of personal trainer programs, and focuses primarily on simple but effective dumbbell and barbell exercises.

Of course, you could probably find other fitness centers that fit that description. Where Forza Fitness Studio Gran is completely unique, though, is that it’s the only gym we’ve ever heard of that supplies desserts for its members.

And no, these aren’t those dreaded “healthy” desserts that fall into that pointless category where they’re still not as good for you as a salad, and don’t really taste any better than a bowl of veggies. These are bona fide sweets, purchased from popular Tokyo confectioners. Then there’s the even bigger shocker: not only does Forza Fitness Studio Gran (which is open to female customers only) offer the sweets to members entirely for free, but they’re all you can eat!

However, this isn’t a devious plan by Gran to keep undo the effects of customers’ workouts, keeping them plump and thus in perpetual need of a place to burn off empty calories. It’s actually an acknowledgment that constantly maintaining an entirely healthy diet is beyond the willpower of most people, and that honestly even a healthy diet can allow for occasional indulgences. The key is to not give in to temptation every time it strikes, and so Gran only offers the sweets once a week, on Wednesdays, when it hosts a cheat day for members.

Of course, not everyone is convinced about the effectiveness of having a designated cheat day in your diet, but it’s by no means an uncommon way of thinking, and Gran’s pragmatic attitude just might be brilliant. After all, if your customers are going to treat themselves to some sweets once a week anyway, isn’t it better if they come to the gym to get those sweets? After all, if you go to a cafe to satisfy your sweet tooth, it’s not like you’re going to work up a sweat in the process, but if you’ve already come to the gym and checked in to get your donut, cake, or whatever that day’s snacks are, maybe you’ll sneak in a workout too while you’re there.

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