Vegetarian-friendly pizza-burger is the next Lotteria food mash-up, and it looks great.

Among those looking to lose weight, the idea of a cheat meal has gained traction. Rather than attempting the impossible and denying yourself all the delicious sweets and greasy savouries that cry out for your attention, all you have to do is hang on until your next allotted one meal a week when thoughts of dieting can go out the window. But which meal to go for? Katsudon (worth going to prison for)? Pizza? Cheeseburger? All tempting options but if you can only eat one? Lotteria have answered a call we didn’t realise we were shouting out with every ounce of our being, combining elements of the three into one sandwich for ultimate meal efficiency.

Coming fresh on the heels of the Good Meat Day Double Steak Burger announcement, the next limited edition offering from the crazy chain that brought us noodle burgers has been made public. The Margherita-style Stretchy Pizza Burger will begin its limited run on December 12 and be available until early January.

After the success of the stretchy cheese burger in March this year, Lotteria have married the same melted cheese with Margherita pizza-style flavours. Instead of a meat patty, the burger will feature a bread-crumbed and deep-fried block of gooey, stretchy mozzarella cheese. This will be topped with a not especially pizza-like hash brown, but given that we love crispy hash browns we’ll forgive them for this. This will in turn be smothered with ketchup and a special basil sauce, made from a blend of basil, garlic and Parmesan cheese.

▼ The Margherita-style Stretchy Pizza Burger will also be available as part of a set including a piece of fried chicken.

The Stretchy Cheese Burger and Stretchy Cheese and Beef Burger, last on sale in March, will return alongside the new Margherita-style, and will be available from December 12 at Lotteria restaurants across Japan (with a few exceptions). The Stretchy Cheese Burger will cost 420 yen (US$3.80), the Stretchy Cheese and Beef Burger 510 yen, and the Margherita-Style Stretchy Pizza Burger 450 yen. Perfect for the Cheat Meal, Cheat Day or Cheat Existence.

Source: Lotteria via Narinari
Images: Lotteria