It may be a temporary solution, but the results are undeniable.

Ah, male hair loss, my old friend. Losing hair is a big hit to a man’s ego, even more so when an attractive member of the opposite sex starts to eye your bare spots. For the men out there whose eyes tend to drift downwards during conversation, know that women’s shift upwards for totally different reasons. I’m just kidding.

Various “fixes” for hair loss are out there, such as curry or soy bean powder, but the irrefutable truth is that they all have to be taken with a huge grain of salt. Men, nay, the world is in need of a quick solution with concrete results. Sure, some women do find completely bald men to be attractive, but what if you only have a problematic spot that doesn’t warrant a full shave?

While a straightforward cure is out of the question, one product comes close to achieving that, called the Super Million Hair. Made up of tiny little vegetable fibres, simply sprinkling the product over thinning spots adds volume in an instant. The drawback is that since it’s just a fine dusting over existing hair, this cosmetic application is only temporary.

A Japanese Twitter user recently posted a video of Super Million Hair being applied onto his company president’s balding head, followed by removal using a hair vacuum.

▼ Applying and removing the Super Million Hair .

Restoring a head back to its old days of glory is strangely satisfying to watch, but on the other hand watching it get sucked away by vacuum is exactly how we balding people feel as our souls slip away.

Super Million Hair has been around for years but has appeared on Japan’s Twitter only within the last year or so. Netizens had various things to say:

“I might want this.”
“No thanks.”
“I know it’s bad to laugh, but I did.”
“It was so traumatic watching the vacuum do its work.”
“That was amazing, but I was incredibly sad when his hair was sucked away. The poor company president!!!!!”

Super Million Hair is readily available on Amazon, and comes in a variety of shades and thickness, making it suitable for both balding men and women. A special mist spray can be used to help keep it in place, just so you won’t be placed in awkward situations when it gets blown away in a gust of wind. While it may be temporary, at least it’s arguably better than dabbing your head with expensive wasabi.

Source: Twitter/@kokubucamera
Top image: Pakutaso