Would anime-style Descartes say “I think, therefor I super deformed am?”

When you’re having trouble with a scholastic subject or topic, some experts recommend trying to visualize the concept. Sometimes all you need to help yourself remember the relationships between important concepts and keywords is a simple diagram or quickly sketched chart.

But if you’re an especially visually oriented person, you can do like Japanese Twitter user @10_foOo_wim did. When studying for Japan’s grueling college entrance exams, @10_foOo_wim was having trouble with philosophy, specifically ethics. So to help keep track of which beliefs were associated with which scholars, @10_foOo_wim drew them in adorable super deformed anime style. And we’re not talking about just a few choice doodles, either, as the artist drew illustrations of 126 famous philosophers.

@10_foOo_wim drew the portraits on regular paper, then glued them into a thick-stock craft notebook, purchased at a 100 yen shop. Among @10_foOo_wim’s muses were French philosopher René Descartes (top left in the photo below), Blaise Pascal (bottom left), John Locke (top right) and George Berkeley (bottom right), all of whom are surrounded by the concepts they’re most prominently associated with.

Also on the list of figures to study/draw were Soren Kierkegaard, Karl Jaspers

Thomas Aquinas...

Immanuel Kant

…and Baruch Spinoza.

Over the course of the three weeks it took to produce the anime-style study aids, @10_foOo_wim’s practice exam scores in ethics rose from 50 percent to a respectable 80. “They made studying fun, and I really recommend this for people who like to draw.” And if the subject you’re focusing on is music history, someone’s already handled part of the character design duties for you.

Source: Twitter@10_foOo_wim via IT Media
Images: Twitter/@10_foOo_wim