We miss out on cheap all-you-can-eat takoyaki, but stuff ourselves with octopus balls anyway

You, too, can have an all-you-can-eat experience with a timer and the determination to enjoy yourself.

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Charming video saga shows baseball player Ichiro playing his own life…board game-style!【Videos】

These short, sweet videos have Japan’s recently retired baseball star play the (board) game of life while musing on his real lived experiences.

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Yokohama government trash-helper app gives poignant philosophical advice to depressed citizens

Sometimes help can come from where you least expect it… like, REALLY least expect it.

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Famous philosophers reimagined as cute anime boys by Japanese student cramming for entrance exams

Would anime-style Descartes say “I think, therefor I super deformed am?”

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Philosophy with numbers: The math problem that stumped the Japanese internet

If a notebook costs 100 yen, 20 yen cheaper than a pencil case, then how much is an eraser? 

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With the start of the Olympics just around the corner, we bring you a collection of quotes from people of varying degrees of fame and glory, some sure to make you think.

Prayer alone doesn’t give you courage. You need to make the effort and pray.

Evander Holyfield, boxer who, among other achievements, unwillingly fed Mike Tyson his ear.

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