At least she’s safe and sound!

We’ve seen love dolls taken to high levels of seriousness before, with some people adopting them as family or investigating their kidnappings.

But usually those were always a few eccentric individuals, without any sort of official organizations playing a part.

Until now. Japanese YouTuber Tanaka Natsuki typically makes videos about visiting hot springs, and recently made one for a fishing trip, but while she was there something out of the ordinary drifted by:

▼ First horror, then a snort or relief.
(Translation below)

“While I was filming for my fishing video, I thought that a corpse had come floating by, but it turned out to be a Dutch wife (love doll). 

And it seems someone misunderstood what it was and called the authorities, so a ton of police, fire trucks, and ambulances showed up. Thankfully the wife was safely rescued. Nice.”

While she quickly realized what it was, it’s definitely easy to mistake an upside-down love doll floating on the water as an actual drowned person, so we don’t blame whoever called emergency services for making the honest error. Better safe than sorry!

In fact, it’s precisely because the situation could’ve ended up horrific, but actually ended up completely harmless, that makes it deserving of a chuckle in the first place.

Of course, she wasn’t the only one there watching:

“At Hachinohe Bay! An illegal disposal of oversized garbage.
Thank you, emergency services, for your hard work.”

Here’s how Japanese netizens reacted to seeing the “rescue” in action:

“Yup, I’d make the same mistake.”
“If I were fishing alone at night and saw that, I’d pee myself.”
“lol I bet those police and fire fighters felt pretty awkward.”
“Just glad to see her safe and sound!”
“It’s funny for sure, but not fun for the emergency services. Dispose of your garbage properly, people!”

That last netizen is absolutely right. And if you’re the type of person who’d be embarrassed to put our your love doll on non-burnable-trash collection day, then no worries! Love doll funeral services can help you privately, and emotionally, say goodbye.

Source: Twitter/@nachangagaga via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@nachangagaga
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