Those “Man, I should have saved my game before this boss!” days are no more with Nintendo’s new system.

We’re all super excited for the Super NES Classic Edition and its Japanese version, the Nintendo Classic Mini Super Famicom, to be released in a few weeks. As the release date draws near, more information is coming in to make you even more super excited.

First, a preview of all the games that will be available for Mini Super Famicom. As we mentioned in our previous article when the news was hot off the press, only 16 of these titles will be available for the Super NES Classic Edition. That means you should ignore the EarthBoundKirby’s Dream CourseSuper Castlevania IV, and Super Punch-Out!! parts.

Towards the end of the video, two extremely useful features are introduced: a feature that allows you to save your game at any point, and the “replay” feature.

You know those times when you just keep getting Game Overs? But you can’t give up because otherwise you’ll have to start again from that save point you finally reached about 30 minutes ago?

▼ Here’s a perfect example: you can’t get the timing of your jumps right, so poor Mario keeps getting burned to death. You and Mario have had enough. All you want to do is rage quit.

▼ With the Mini Super Famicom, all you need to do is press the Reset button during game play.

▼ The “save anywhere feature” kicks in by saving the game at the exact moment before you pressed the Reset button. Pretty neat, huh?

You can have up to four save points for any game. That means you can share your game with your friends, or you can play the game four different ways!

The “replay” feature is even more useful. Let’s say you rage quit after you lost. Even if you turn the game back on and start from your last saved point, you’re still at the Game Over point. If only there was a way to go back just moments before you lost the game…Oh, wait. You can!

▼ First, select one of your saved files. This is from moments after Mario died a horrible, fiery death.

Now, select the “replay” option. Fast forward and rewind arrows appear on the side of the screen. Not only is the moment you reset the game saved in your file, but also a certain amount of time before your saved file was saved as well. Rewind or fast forward until you think you’ve got a shot at winning, and then fire that game back up. Just…don’t fire Mario again, too.

▼ There! Now you’ve got this.

You could say the “replay” feature takes away some of the fun challenge of video games, but it also takes away a lot of the stress (especially for games without many save points).

And with the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch also doing away with game overs, it looks like a new era of gaming has truly arrived on the scene.

We can’t say with 100-percent certainty that the same features will be available in the same way on the Super NES Classic Edition, but we’re sure hoping they will be. We’ll find out as its September 29 release date approaches (October 5 for the Mini Super Famicom)!

Source: Net Lab
Images: YouTube/Nintendo