Over 1,000 titles, including ultra-rare unreleased games and prize versions, could be yours with just one click (and a lot of cash).

The 16-bit era of video games represents a unique stage of the medium’s history. It’s arguably as far back as you can go without getting into the arbitrary, poorly communicated play mechanics that render games from even older eras not very fun to play, respected relics though they may be. But at the same time, video games were still primarily a hobby for kids in the 16-bit days, and the disposable way in which kids often treat their toys means that a lot of their games got lost, damaged, or tossed in the trash.

So if you’re a retro collector who’s into, say, games for Nintendo’s Super Famicom (as the Super NES was called in Japan), you’re probably going to be spending a lot of time combing through the stock at flea markets, used game shops, or countless online marketplaces.

Or you could just simplify things by buying this.

That’s a photo of a collection of Super Famicom games being sold on Yahoo! Japan Auctions by user happy5962002. Laid out on the blue tarp are 145 titles, all in their boxes and with their instruction booklets included.

That’s not the entire bundle that happy5962002 is offering though. Also included in the lot are these games…

…and these ones…

…and these too.

Oh, and don’t forget about the SF Memory download cartridges, Super Scope and Justifier light guns

…and, finally, the non-commercial cartridges that were given away as contest or sweepstakes prizes, unreleased games, and dojin/homebrew games.

▼ Non-commercial-release games

In total, happy5962002’s bundle consists of over 1,000 Super Famicom games, which he says is a complete set of every game commercialy released for the system. “I put together this collection little by little, starting from when I was a kid,” he says, but you can reap the benefit of his years of curating in seconds just by placing a bid, for which happy5962002 has set the opening price at 14.8 million yen (US$133,300).

Roughly 1,000 games for 14.8 million works out to approximately 14,800 yen each, which you could say is quite a markup, since that at the time of their release in the mid-1990s, Super Famicom cartridges sold new for between 6,000 and 10,000 yen. However, as mentioned above, a number of the games in happy5962002’s collection were never offered for direct sale, and even among those that were, some have gone on to command high prices on the used market. For example, the set contains Rendering Ranger: R2, one of the rarest Super Famicom games, which can go for as much as US$2,000 just on its own if the box and manual are included.

However, happy5962002’s bundle has yet to attract a bid, and the high starting price is no doubt a factor. The auction has two days to go as of this writing, so maybe if no one bites he’ll list it again at a lower price, but if you’ve got the cash to spend (happy5962002 says overseas buyers are welcome), you might want to buy it (the auction can be found here) before this guy who bought every single Sega Saturn game swoops in and snags it for himself.

Source: Yahoo! Japan Auctions/happy5962002 via Den Famicom Gamer, Hachima Kiko
Images: Yahoo! Japan Auctions/happy5962002
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