The living embodiment of the throwing star and stripes.

Marvel’s Captain America, obviously, has a very “American” visual design. From the red, white, and blue colors to the giant star on his chest, when Cap puts on his costume he’s basically wrapped in the American flag.

But this awesomely detailed figure decides to put a Japanese spin on the character by reimagining Captain America as a samurai.

The Samurai Captain America figure is the latest offering from Tamashii Web Shoten, one of the many sub-brands of Japanese toy manufacturer Bandai. While Captain America’s most frequently utilized super power is “being able to punch really, really hard,” the figure gives him a katana to wield against his foes, as well as a resigned version of his mighty shield that’s evocative of a chrysanthemum crest.

The figure’s lamellar armor is reminiscent of the scale-like pattern of Cap’s original comic book costume, and even with his customary winged ornaments added to the helmet it’s still less flashy than some actual pieces of historical samurai headgear.

The shield can be attached to the figure’s back and the sword placed in a sheath worn at the hip, allowing you to keep both of Captain America’s hands free. Alternatively, if you’d rather have Cap armed to the teeth with offensive weaponry, you can put his katana in one hand and use the other to hold the five-pointed shuriken that detaches from his chest.

Bandai says that the photos seen here are of a prototype version, and that there’s chance of slight differences between this and the finished piece. Nevertheless, pre-orders have already started for the 17.5-centimeter (6.9-inch) figure, which is priced at 9,504 yen (US$86) and can be ordered here from the Premium Bandai online shop. Shipping is scheduled for January, at which time Samurai Captain America will likely be placed on collectors’ shelves to stand shoulde-to-shoulder with Samurai Spider-Man,  Darth Vader, and Boba Fett.

Source, images: Premium Bandai

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