In an alternate universe envisioned by Singaporean artist Tan Kwang Yang, it looks like the Avengers have ditched the whole “saving-the-world-act” and decided to pursue other lines of business.

Check out Tan’s neatly drawn little glimpse at such a world after the jump!

Tan Kwang Yang’s public Facebook profile doesn’t reveal much information about himself other than that he attended Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University. His artistic talent is quite clear, however, from a quick look at some of the artwork he’s posted.

One of his pictures starring some of Marvel’s most famous superheroes has been making the rounds on the Japanese internet, despite the fact that Avengers: Age of Ultron won’t be released in Japanese theaters until July 4th. Take a look at this depiction titled Captain America: Civil Wok, an obvious pun on the title of the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie:

In this amusing scene, we can see Cap himself whipping up something yummy in his shield-wok powered by Iron Man’s armor. Laughing next to him is Bucky/Winter Soldier, followed by the Hulk giving Loki and Thor a giant bear “hug,” Black Widow snapping a picture, Hawkeye, and Nick Fury looking furious at–presumably–being forced to wait in line. Iron Man, or perhaps it’s more appropriate to say Tony Stark in this instance, is also seen packing a few extra pounds and passed out on the table. It’s always fun to see relaxed gatherings of beloved characters like this as imagined by creative minds like Tan’s!

Lastly, here are some other oldies by Tan:

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Source/Images: Facebook (Tan Kwang Yang)