You can cuddle with Cap and keep your nose clean with Thor’s hammer.

Japanese lifestyle brand Felissimo actually caters to a variety of lifestyles. If, for example, you’re all about cats, they’ve got an array of feline-inspired items for you, but they’re also quite happy to supply you with a wardrobe that lets you dress like a fashionable modern-day witch.

For its next endeavor, Felissimo is teaming up with Marvel. But remember, this is s lifestyle brand for us non-superpowered people, and so the focus is on bringing the fun of Earth’s mightiest heroes to everyday, at-home situations, like with this replica of Thor’s hammer Mjolnir.

Within Marvel’s comics and movies, Mjolnir can only be wielded by worthy warriors. Felissimo’s version is quite a bit more egalitarian and can be used by anybody who needs a tissue.

The head of the hammer is hollow, and opening a flap allows you to fill it with tissue paper, which can then be pulled out through an opening at the top.

Alternatively, if what you’re suffering from isn’t a runny nose, but a lonely heart, Felissimo can arrange for you to snuggle up with none other than Captain America himself.

The ”almost life-sized” cushion recreates Cap’s patriotic pecs, and ostensibly softens his rock-hard muscle tone to something more cuddling-conducive.

▼ The designers recommend the pillow for anyone who wants to be “wrapped in strength and gentleness.”

▼ The backside is a more abstract representation of the character.

Officially called the Mjolnir Tissue Holder and Captain America Arm Pillow, both items are available online here (tissue holder 5,950 yen [US$53], arm pillow 10,890 yen) through Felissimo’s online store.

Source: PR Times
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