To hunt fish, he must first… become fish.

Japanese cat celebrity Maru’s penchant for squeezing into just about anything has captured our hearts for the longest time. Finding comfort in tight spaces, this Scottish Fold is the master of dominating tight-to-fit-in places, such as when he managed to subdue two identical cardboard boxes at once.

Maru holds an iron-pawed rule over his cardboard kingdom, but what happens when a glass fishbowl intruder threatens to overthrow all that he has worked so hard to achieve? It’s up to this cat to assert his authority over the offending container.

▼ Maru must occupy all that precious space!

Placing two furry feet into the fishbowl, Maru casts a look at the camera, proclaiming that this property is now under his reign.

▼ “This is mine now. Watch where you’re sniffing, Hana.”

His sister Hana knows things are going to get good, slinking off to one side to watch the spectacle unfold. Hana has seen similar things happen before, and she’s not going to let a great moment slip by.

But with only two paws in the fishbowl, it’s like taking a shower with only half your body in water. Realizing that the tiny container will never truly bow to him if this continues, Maru takes the plunge and deftly squeezes all his feet in.

▼ “I’ll show this fishbowl who’s boss.”

That glass throne looks mighty uncomfortable to sit in, but a success is a success. Never mind the slightly undignified posture, Maru may have just found a new way to poop while keeping his dainty feet safely encased.

▼ It’s a good thing he has humans around to pull him out of tight situations.

Now that Maru has added a tiny fishbowl to his Kingdom of the Cramp, perhaps he can return to his duties of guarding the house against monkeys trying to steal his owner’s sandals.

Source, images: YouTube/mugumogu