It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta get grandpa to his girls gone wild.

There are a lot of interesting curiosities that come with living in a rapidly aging society. Social trends like the number of crimes by seniors outnumbering those of youths as well as the elderly becoming a more and more lucrative target market for businesses of all types.

Japan’s shukanshi, or weekly tabloids, are no exception. In keeping with their salacious reputations, they occasionally run features known as Shinu Made Shinuhodo SEX (Sex to Death, Until Death). These are looks at the erotic side of our autumn years and date back to around 2013.

However, recently these segments are looking to guide some seniors into their most hazardous environment, the Internet. Here are some headlines from the most recent issues of weeklies Shukan Post and Shukan Gendai.

“AVgle: The miracle search website that allows you to watch videos from around the world for free!”
“A guide for safe and secure free erotic videos and not having family find out!”

These articles don’t explicitly mention elderly people, but the way they’re written clearly assumes the reader has almost no knowledge of using the Internet beyond searching Google. They’re also written with a certain soberness unbecoming the typical moistly descriptive language used by the adult industry. It’s like the cautious language one might use when speaking to their elders.

Here’s an excerpt from Shukan Gendai:

“In order to access AVgle correctly, first enter “AVgle” on the search website Google. If you just enter words like ‘giant tits video’ into Google it is important to note that different websites than desired might be displayed. Also, do not forget to check the computer’s volume before playing, once the desired video is reached.”

Articles like this give highly comprehensive instructions on how to delete your viewing history, steer clear of frauds and spam ads, and even how to prevent saucy words from popping up in your device’s predictive text functions.

But it’s not all technical training, these magazines also highlight adult films and theirs stars from the ’80s and ’90s and show readers where to revisit them on sites such as XVideos. All this might suggest that seniors in Japan are only now catching onto the concept of internet porn, but actually trends have just been changing a little.

IT journalist Toshiyuki Inoue told J-Cast News that many elderly people have been hip to adult content online since back in the mid-2000s. However, because they couldn’t find the privacy at home, men lined up at the many internet cafes to get their fix. In these establishments there was no fear of cookies or malware left behind.

However, with the advent of more portable computing devices, old guys can now access the vastness of nudity online from the comfort of their own toilet bowl. On the other hand, this also reintroduces the issues of a family member typing “big” into Google only to have it assume they want “-ass titty honkers” as the remainder.

And so as the aged in Japan continue to become more of a driving market force and evolve, so too will the services that strive to cater to them. SoraNews24, however, will not surrender to the trends and continue to speak to today’s youth. There’s already a lot of buzz among teens regarding my upcoming listicle on the “Grooviest Enka Singers in Japan.”

Source: J-Cast News
Images: SoraNews24