senior citizens

Japanese tabloids teaching seniors how to find adult videos online

It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta get grandpa to his girls gone wild.

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Elderly motorists in Japan given option to “graduate from driving” to prevent accidents

The government probably does realize they aren’t fooling anyone with this.

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Elderly pickpocket “Calling Tamako” finally apprehended after string of Tokyo thefts

Since February 2015, the Tokyo area has been hit by a spate of thefts by an elderly woman who has managed to evade arrest until just this week.

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Kyoto counter-terrorism unit called in after senior citizen “reserves” parking space

Some in the media are calling this incident yet another indication that Japan’s entering an unprecedented era of geriatric delinquency.

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Japan Post, IBM, and Apple to develop senior-friendly tablets

On 30 April, a joint announcement was made by Apple, IBM and the nation’s private postal service Japan Post regarding a new project that aims to change the lives of Japan’s aging population.

The three companies are combining their expertise to develop a line of iPads with specialized apps for senior citizens. Designed by IBM in conjunction with elderly care services in the works by Japan Post, it is hoped that the tablet computers will help to reduce the burden on younger generations as they care for an increasing number of aged family members.

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84-year-old senior citizen learns to do some amazing things with his new smartphone

For many senior citizens, getting to grips with smartphone technology can sometimes prove problematic. For a start, the small on-screen text is often difficult to read and the multitude of features and functions can lead to mistakes during operation. However, one elderly man turned this rule on its head when his phone was suddenly upgraded from a basic no-frills smartphone to a fully-featured smartphone at his local phone shop. But instead of being overwhelmed by the functions, he took on the challenge of getting to grips with the additional features and, within a matter of months, had learned some amazing things.

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